by Luca "Bertels" Bertelli
   by Simone "VKing" Larivera
   by Federica "MaeveDonovan" Campana
   by Simone "VKing" Larivera


The DreamHack ASTRO Open, that in 2017 will feature the popular team-based FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $100,000 in prize money and 8 top teams competing at each event. In partnership wi…   ▶︎▶︎

The 12 best teams from North America and Europe will clash in regional and intercontinental play during a three-day tournament to determine a unified champion of the world’s #1 mobile esport. The 2…   ▶︎▶︎

In Puglia il primo evento Hearthstone targato Team Mirai esports in collaborazione con Smash Bros, Hearthstone e FIFA sono i titoli che terranno banco il 29 e 30 luglio presso le Officine …   ▶︎▶︎

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