If you have ever been a fan of the legendary Castolo and Minanda, you will surely have reserved a small space in your gamer hearts for Pro Evolution Soccer. How can you forget the amazing games played as ostriches and penguins? How about the derbies between the Man Blue vs Man Red? Or even the historical name of the game - Winning Eleven popular in Italy from a while ago.

We certainly remember all of the above and could not ignore the development of the game, especially after the relevant marketing strategy of Konami, which very recently captured the exclusive name, game kit and stadium of Juventus through an official deal.

As such, we are very happy to announce the opening of our new section QLASH PES, in collaboration with one of the largest communities in the Italian landscape of PES, PesNewEra Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to offer you an ever increasing number of tournaments and dedicated initiatives connected to the title.

PesNewEra, the PES community directly supported by Konami

The Italian PesNewEra community was officially formed on the 16th of June, 2017, or slightly more than 2 years ago, from an idea of ​​Alfonso Robustelli and Gabriele Barberini. They decided to give it a try after realizing that in Italy there was no serious project linked to Pro Evolution Soccer and a lack of activities and tournaments, online and offline, for the PES Italian community.

With both of them having twenty years of experience with the Konami house title, they decided to create a path suitable for helping both the Pro Players and the casual players of the Japanese title. 

In a relatively short time, thanks to the solid relationship developed with Konami and the great work carried out, they have succeeded in transforming their Community to one of the most important ones in Europe, making their name known even in South America and making the PesNewEra community, a multi-local and a multi-ethnic one.

A few months after the project’s conception, it extended its reach by introducing a PES esports team that was initially focused on Pro Club mode. Later on, with the addition of new players it got involved in the rest of the game modes with great success. Today the PesNewEra esports team is among the best in Europe.

QLASH NewEra: the esport team

The NewEra team, headed by Alfonso Robustelli, will officially take on the role of the QLASH Team Pro.

Among the various prominent names is that of Mattia Pallotta, a player who has already wore the QLASH brand during the UEFA eEuro u21, winning the dedicated tournament and becoming a part of the contenders for a spot in the Italian national team of eFoot.

The entire team will participate in all official PES League competitions, in different 1vs1 and Co-op modes. We will not miss the 10vs10 mode, a cousin of the Pro Club Mode currently present in FIFA.

The first team members are listed below with more details for all respective game modes:

Mattia "Teclis-88" Pallotta, Gabriele "lelinho88-" Barberini and Alessandro "jock_86" Impero will be the pillar of the Team, because of their skillset but also for the huge accumulated experience. Andrea "FootballART-" Milan, Luigi "Kirito_Yuuki_00" Loffredo, Salvatore "SASINHO_DIGIAC" Di Giacomo, Gianluca "Ken1988" Carta and Carmine "Naples17x" Liuzzi will also be an integral part of the team.

For all aspiring pros, there will be the opportunity to get involved through Academy activities in parallel with other initiatives that will soon be planned and announced.

" We are very excited about this partnership with QLASH, certainly one of the best realities in today's esport scene. I am sure that together we will bring up the Italian flag of PES. All of this will guarantee much more benefits to the entire community.  "  said Alfonso Robustelli, owner of PesNewEra.

"We could not overlook a title like Pro Evolution Soccer after the progress towards the Esport scene. We are happy to make it real with a great group like PesNewEra, expanding our community even more, ready to make it a point of reference for all the fans of the Japanese title " replied Luca Pagano, CEO of QLASH.

Sergio Porcelli, PES and FIFA Community Manager then concluded “We were talking with Alfonso and the PesNewEra crew for a long time. Right from the start we had clear ideas and common goals to be able to start together this new adventure, already began with eEuro u21. Through PES and together with the cousins of the Canadian software house, we want to appeal to all fans of sports videogames, without leaving anyone out. "


Right from the start the new entries of the QLASH Team Pro will step on the field for the PES Italian Championship, a tournament run by Hellodì in collaboration with Calciatori Brutti. The event will be held on 2nd and 3rd of August in Rimini. Three of our Team Pro members will try to qualify to the final on 4 August, through the Last Chance Qualifier. Mattia 'Teclis-88' Pallotta is already qualified, ready to prove himself once again.


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For community activities, we have established a DISCORD PES server.

You can also follow all the activities related to our new PES adventure and the respective Team Pro, on our new and dedicated Instagram page or on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of PesNewEra. Furthermore, there will be a dedicated Facebook group for you to engage in.

Furthermore, at the grand final in Rimini, PES2020 Demo will be available to try, so stay tuned for updates and more exciting news!