Our home, the QLASH House has been constantly evolving in the past 2 years. We have put enormous effort in order to make it not only one of the biggest gaming houses on the planet, but also one of the coolest. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and we intend to keep on building the future of the esports scene on local and global levels right here.

It is a great pleasure to announce a new partnership between QLASH and the leading manufacturers of gaming chairs - MAXNOMIC® the original by NEEDforSEAT®. From now on all the staff, players, casters and guests of the QLASH House will have a top-tier gaming seat, because we are furnishing our home with a product that meets our very high quality expectations - the MAXNOMIC® DOMINATOR.

Maxnomic QLASH HOuse

Luca Pagano, CEO and co-owner of QLASH shared: ‘The QLASH House is like a living, breathing organism and as such it needs to be constantly nurtured. One of the important components of a gaming house are the chairs and we have found the best possible partner in that sense!’

Petar Tchavdarov, Head of Operations for QLASH added: ‘Our talks with NEEDforSEAT® have been extremely easy because both our organisations strive for excellence and this makes us a natural fit. I see all the necessary ingredients for a fruitful cooperation and I am delighted to have the MAXNOMIC® chairs as part of the scenery in the QLASH House.’

Björn Heise, Business Development at MAXNOMIC GmbH: "Everyone has a passion for something and NEEDforSEAT is proud to support a lot of people practising it! PROUD TO SUPPORT PASSION stands for enthusiasm. And this enthusiasm for our own product, the original MAXNOMIC® eSport & gaming chair, has brought big organisations like ESL and DREAMHACK to swear by and use them with conviction. We are happy to equip one of the biggest gaming houses on the planet with original MAXNOMIC® eSport & gaming chairs as well!"

Look out for the beautiful QLASH branded MAXNOMIC® chairs in our streams, productions and media content. All our players are already buzzing and can’t wait to try out the new furnishing. They won’t have to wait for long!