The QLASH League has entered the battle zone with the top of Round 1. We witnessed a couple of very intense matches: ASUS ROG Army vs Team Queso first, and then KIYF Esports vs Pekkeame Estaaa.

Asus ROG Army and KIYF Esports got the best of it, going directly to the next round of winners bracket, but for Team Queso and Pekkeame Estaaa the QLASH League isn’t over yet: they’ll have the chance to play in the Loser Bracket.

Let’s see what happened in the two first round matches.

Asus ROG Army vs Team Queso

In the first set of a Best of 3, Team QUESO lined up with ‘Soking’, ‘Adrian Piedra’, ‘POU LEGION’, ‘Cuchii Cuu’, and ‘coltonw83’, while Asus ROG Army responded with ‘Loay’, ‘Batman’, ‘Naginata’, ‘Beniju’, and ‘Miguelinho’.

ROG Army went quickly on 3-0, thanks to an unstoppable ‘Loay’, but Team QUEASO reacted, getting to 3-2 and 4-3. ROG won the sixth match and went on 5-3; Team QUESO revived ‘Cuchii Cu’ that evened the score on 5-5, before losing his final match against the returned ‘Loay’.

In the second set, QUESO chose ‘DiegoB’, ‘Soking’, ‘SaintBelikin’, ‘coltonw83’ and ‘Cuchii Cu’, against ‘Beniju’, ‘Naginata’, ‘Loay’, ‘Toby SpiritHawk’ e ‘Miguelinho’ of Asus ROG Army.

It was an even match until 3-3, but then ROG went on fire winning three games in a row and closing the second set on 6-3.

KIYF Esports vs Pekkeame Estaaa

In the second match, KIYF Esports begun the battle with ‘A99’, ‘Roki’, ‘Javi14’, ‘Davidlux6HD’, and ‘Adrianp98’, while Pekkeame Estaaa responded with ‘Destructor’, ‘KingOfWar’, ‘Guillemanzana’, ‘JoRDIK’, and ‘Gabriel RA’.

What a first set it was: Pekkeame Estaaa started with the right foot, but found themselves on a 5-2 disadvantage. Here, ‘Destructor’ made an absolute miracle, winning four games in a row and the whole set.

In the second set, KIYF Esports chose ‘ByZeuzZ’, ‘A99’, ‘Roki’, ‘Javi14’, and ‘DWP97’, while Pekkeame Estaaa opposed ‘KingOfWar’, ‘JoRDIK’, ‘Destructor’, ‘Guillemanzana’ e ‘Gabriel RA’. It was a total domination by KIYF, that won the set 6-2.

In the third and decisive set, the two teams chose the same lineups. KIYF started greatly with a triple game advantage, but Pekkeame fought back up to 4-3. On 5-3, ‘Destructor’ tried his mojo again, but this time he didn’t make it through.

First Round Part 2: QLASH power!

The two winning teams will fight against each other a second round match (March 29th, 7 pm), but next Thursday (March 15th, 7 pm) we will see Millennium vs Mkers and Tribe Gaming vs QLASH clashing (pun intended!) in the last two Round 1 matches.

As already mentioned, Team QUESO and Pekkeame Estaaa will have a second chance, thanks to the double elimination bracket format of our QLASH League: these two teams will collide on March 22nd (7 pm) in the loser bracket.