More than meets the eye

For most spectators the QLASH League Live Finals were probably just a two set match between Team Queso and Team Liquid played on a stage. However, there were actually so many other things happening behind the scenes leading to this conclusion and we would like to share them with you all. The Live Finals were played on the 5th of May but the players and the staff of the two participating teams arrived in the QLASH House a day earlier to get comfortable. And of course we used this opportunity to spoil them a bit with some nice surprises. They were initially transported to their hotel a few miles away to make sure they have a proper rest after their flights.



QLASH House is a welcoming place

Once lunchtime kicked in the players and their staff started flocking the QLASH House where all catering needs were met. We had a block table full of amazing Italian food and a very nice lady behind it serving with a smile. No wonder everyone got stuffed!


Professional TV Crew onsite

At the same time, final preparations were being made with the TV crew also arriving to set up and do a bunch of important tests. The atmosphere was tense with excitement and everyone was on full throttle, including the CEO - Luca Pagano and co-owner of QLASH Eugene Katchalov. They did not just stay on the sidelines but were actively helping out with all small details that needed to be managed.


Spoiling the players with Italian Pizza and Go-karting

Afternoon was practice time for the teams while we continued working hard. Later in the day we led all players and their staff to a nearby pizzeria (serving one of the best pizzas on the planet) where we had a proper feast that boosted the troops morale.

But the party wasn’t over. Straight from there we went to a go-karting hall which was of course QLASH reserved for the night. At the go-karting place we divided into teams of 8, suited up and raced each other for best time. Everyone had an incredibly fun time and wanted to go again and again. Unfortunately, it was getting quite late in the night and everyone had to step off the vehicles eventually.

Some insights from the players

This concluded our programme for the 4th and we let the players have a good night sleep in their hotel awaiting the big day. On the morning of the 5th they were back in the QLASH House as we had to do some rehearsals and make sure they are fully aware of how the Live Finals are going to go down. We also did some very nice interviews with the likes of Soking and Surgical Goblin. Of course, food, drinks and good fun were a consistent part of everyone’s day and perhaps this is a suitable moment to thank both Team Queso and Team Liquid for their completely professional conduct both on and off the scene.

So the big event went on as planned

The cameras were on, the countdown clock was started and everyone was in their place. It was almost time for an epic battle. The Grand Final was a best of 3 format with Team Liquid having 2 lives due to them qualifying to the finals from the winners bracket and without a single loss so far. No one had any idea who was going to become champion with both teams packed with star players capable of wiping the opposition single-handedly.

We streamed the Live Finals in 7 different languages and the list of Casters was not less impressive than the player roster. Behind the cameras and microphones were Nemos, BBXH, Flobby, Charleynighter, Excoundrel and Lonny the Wolf among others. Our efforts were paying off as we were on the front pages of Twitch and between 15k and 20k concurrent viewers logged in to our channels to follow the show.


Only 2 sets but full of comebacks and intensive moments

And it was on! The first game between Azilys and Beniju was an indication of what is to come. It came to sudden death with no towers going down in the first 3 minutes of gameplay. It ended with both players sending a deadly log towards each other’s tower with Azilys’ one reaching its target milliseconds earlier and winning the game. Wow! It could have not possibly been any closer than that!

The 3 game winning streak of Azilys against Beniju, Arnaudleroi and Soking was finally stopped by Cuchii Cuu from Team Queso who went on a hot streak himself winning against Azilys, Surgical Goblin and MegaBabouu. MaxLaMenace brought the score to 5-3 for Team Liquid and Soking was revived to try and bring back Team Queso to life in the set. Soking managed to win a game, but then Karnage stepped in and was able to wrap it up for a 6-4 first set win going Team Liquid’s way. We believe the spectators were very pleased as in a single set there were more highlights than in most full matches. Every single game was a mouth-watering experience and everything we had hoped for before the Live Finals started.

Second set was no different in terms of excitement. Surgical Goblin started with a run of 3 wins against Arnaudleroi, Soking and Beniju and brought a solid lead for Team Liquid. However, Cuchii Cuu again had a different idea and eliminated both Surgical Goblin and Karnage. MegaBabouu and Pou Legion both got a win for their team taking the score to 4-3. Azilys then came to the stage, eliminated Pou Legion and then grinded out a very hard game against the revived and tough to beat Cuchii Cuu. The two wins secured a 6-3 Team Liquid win of the second set and just like that it was all over! Team Liquid became the QLASH League Champions with a 2-0 set win!


Congratulations for Team Liquid!

Even though Team Queso were a bit disappointed with the result we could see that they held their heads high and it could have not been any different as they put in one hell of a fight. It was celebration time with Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov congratulating the winners on stage and handing in the precious trophy. Photos were taken, players and staff were buzzing around, casters were coming out of their booths, prosecco bottles were being opened. It was a success and we are extremely happy to have hosted these two great teams! (Photos of celebrations) We have planned many different initiatives and events going forward and we will strive to make them even better. In order to not miss a thing, don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels!

You can watch a full recording of the Live Finals here.