There is something special about FIFA and the million players around the world that love the game and play it on so many different levels.

Whether it is a bet between friends, a good occasion for a Sunday afternoon house party, or a teenager screaming in front of a TV screen, most of us that play video games can easily deduct we are talking about FIFA and what is worse, relate to the aforementioned teenager… The fact that football is one of the greatest and most popular sports out there certainly helps a lot. However, there is some great and intangible passion involved and we at QLASH certainly enjoy being part of the scene. For this reason we are organizing a FIFA bootcamp in our QLASH House to train hard and make sure our players are focused on competing at the highest possible level.

It is not a coincidence that the bootcamp is happening now, because as we have already shared with you, our player Diego "Crazy_Fat_Gamer_" Campagnani qualified for the Global Series Playoffs which will be played in Amsterdam next week. The Playoff will consist of the very best 128 players all of which hope to make it to the last 16 which in turn would guarantee them a spot for the ultimate FIFA goal - the eWorldCup Grand Final to be played this August. It is a long and bumpy road and what better way to prepare than a house full of like-minded people, skilled teammates and of course, Italian pizza.

We are happy to welcome in the QLASH House not only Crazy_Fat_Gamer_ but also his teammate Enzo “EnzoMarty” Tramontano, his mental coach Simone “LamellaBros” Sfolcini as well as his brother. As always, we will provide our guests with the best conditions to train and will update you with behind the scenes shots on our socials so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

On the 31st of May the FIFA bootcamp is over and Amsterdam here we come! The Global Series Playoffs will take place between 28th of May and 3rd of June with the first group of players competing on Xbox while the second one on Playstation. We never know when this tale will end but our hopes are certainly high and we invite the QLASH Community to enjoy the adventure with us!