We’re just few hours away from the QLASH League Grand Final: Team Liquid will go against Team Queso in the beautiful QLASH House, where Team QLASH do its daily mojo.

So, let’s try to give a better and closer look to the QLASH House, one of the biggest gaming houses on the entire planet. We can’t tell you everything about it – not yet – but hey, here we come with some nice spoilers!

2.000 square meters… and counting

The QLASH House is situated near Treviso, and today covers more than two thousands square meters. Numbers that make the QLASH House one of the most extensive in the world. But that’s not all folks, because we are working to make it even bigger!

Currently, in the QLASH House you can find a big stage, a relax zone, a meeting room, a gym and lots of bedrooms. This allows the staff and the players – not just ours, as the QLASH League Grand Final demonstrates – find everything they need to work and perform at their very best.

A multitasking stage

The stage area is the flagship of our QLASH House: it boasts five modular gaming stations that can host basically every kind of game or esports.

A sophisticated lights and LED system provides the best possible conditions and multicolour visual effects for any needs we may have. The stage is also the area where contents, videos and broadcasts are born, thanks to our brand-new technological equipment.

Not just esports!

Fancy a console game? The relax zone is set up with PlayStations, Xboxes and lots of other entertainment systems. But if you really want to experiment with something different, then why don’t you try a virtual reality experience?

Are you a little more vintage? Then in the QLASH House you can also find proper arcades and  fantastic pinball machines of all types!

And when the lights go softer and the working day is coming to an end... you have the chance to enjoy a good movie, thanks to our fantastic home theatre.

Pretty good, isn't it?