The day is 22nd of February, 2019. The place is Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Bogdan ‘HellraiseR’ Kozar wakes up, stretches his muscles, makes himself a coffee and sits in front of the PC to practice on ladder. He feels an unusual surge of energy and finds himself winning game after game, making all the right decisions and microing immortals like a god. While everything seems to be exactly the same as the day before, he can feel a strange presence in the air. He looks around and thinks to himself: ‘What is this power? An invisible observer? A psionic storm brewing? The Xel’naga? Something else?’

Then he suddenly realizes why his practice was different this morning. It is the day he officially becomes a part of the QLASH StarCraft2 Team Pro roster and all the fans we have around the world will be supporting him from now on. This might just be what he needs to bring his game to the next level and become the powerhouse of a player he has always wanted to be, taking down champions on the big stage and winning precious trophies. With QLASH at his side everything now seems possible. 

A peek into the future

We are extremely happy to be announcing HellraiseR as part of the QLASH Family. With his arrival we would like to make a step towards a specific direction as an organization - to support promising young players that have the skill and dedication needed to grow further in the competitive scene. Our goal is to make sure that Bogdan has everything necessary to focus on his performance and results while at the same time building up his professional profile. We don’t expect miracles - but we will definitely try to achieve miracles together. 

His answers to our profiling questions show his immense commitment to the game:

Name: Bogdan Kozar
Age: 20
Nationality: Ukraine
Main race: Protoss
Current MMR: 6,500
Favourite SC2 player: Stats
How long have you played SC2 for: 5 years
What do you like to do when not playing SC2: Watching other people play SC2
FunFact: I started playing SC BroodWar when I was 8
Twitter: LINK