Last weekend, Annalisa 'Annie Ackerman' La Rosa, Cristina 'Ishtar' Naim and Federica 'Yoshiue' Meloni - our QLASH Girls - undertook their first experience into competitive Clash Royale Gaming: by participating in the GirlGamer Esports Festival.

Road to Lisbon!

The preparation for the event, held in Lisbon, had started the previous week in the beautiful QLASH House in Treviso, where our girls, tutored by a coach, tested many competitive decks and ventured into the current challenges in those days on Clash Royale. This led to the visible improvement of their ingame skills and at the same time they were better acquainted with the competitive QLASH environment. They also received the support of an extremely close-knit team, with collaborators who followed them from the first to the last day of their stay while revisiting all the facets of a typical bootcamp day.

After the hard training, the QLASH Girls left for Portugal, accompanied by QLASH co-founder Eugene Katchalov and Clash Royale's Game Manager Kevin Milaj, with the aim of getting as good result as possible at the GirlGamer Esports Festival. Inevitably the girils became emotional and just before the start said: "We come from a week full of work and we still have a great desire to improve. The GirlGamer Festival will be our first live event, and we can’t wait to prove that Esports is not an exclusively male world".

The GirlGamer Esports Festival

The event took place on Saturday 21 July and Sunday 22 July, in the beautiful location of Casino Estoril, and allowed the team to meet new people and compete against high-level players from many different countries. One of the greatest satisfactions we had was being able to represent Italy in such an important event.

The matches were held in a "best of three" format: on the first day, 'Annie Ackerman' showed off with a capital performance, finishing second after losing only to the industrially prepared 'Rafinha' in the final.

On the second day of the Portuguese adventure, a remarkable result for the QLASH Team arrived again, with 'Annie Ackerman' able to finish in the Top 4 of the tournament. We need to of course mention and congratulate the other two players, 'Ishtar' and 'Yoshiue' who gained valuable experience and received many advices that will surely be useful for their future participation in live events.

The first step of a journey

The days spent together in beautiful Lisbon and in the hotel allowed the three girls to strengthen their relationship between themselves and with the Community: the players were able to get in touch with the QLASH Community through some activities, including a special live Instagram stream on our Clash Royale page, answering questions from game lovers, with some related to the most used and therefore more competitive decks, as well as some asking for information related to the tournament and the feelings experienced in a trip so full of satisfactions and challenges. The QLASH Girls were very happy to hear the support of their fellow clans and thanked them for the incitement.

A project in which to believe

We at QLASH strongly believe that by supporting the competitive scene of Clash Royale through this female team, we can achieve great results, and we will continue to do our best to increase the curiosity towards and influence of the Supercell game. We can see that thanks to this event some businesses that are naturally detached from the gaming world, such as Sephora, were able to take part and we would like to thank them for taking care of the "image" of our QLASH Girls.

A special thanks to those who contributed to the GirlGamer Festival event, to those who created the whole experience, to the 5ynco Gaming caster for constantly providing support and of course to the company Grow Up eSports for their organizational skills and their unique and rare charisma. We certainly can’t wait to be able to play the electrifying matches in this competition again!