The integration of Alessandro ‘Sirbone’ Fazzi’s Team Forge into QLASH, the team founded by Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov, continues. Today we are proud to present the professional roster of Tekken, one of the most played fighting games in the world, a title able to establish itself as a reference point for the whole genre.

Tekken's QLASH Forge Team Pro will consist of three players, two of whom were already part of the Forge roster. These are Luca 'DevilKazuya' Cianfa and Rosario 'Rikimaru' Monaco. Alongside them will be Cheng 'Devilnin' Guo - a pupil of Sirbone.

QLASH Tekken: the Pro Team identikit

Luca Cianfa, aka 'DevilKazuya', is one of the most experienced players in Italy. Born in 1983 in Genova, Luca has his favorite character in Devil Jin: "I am happy to be part of a reality like QLASH Forge: being part of such an important project is a real privilege", he said. "Tekken's scene in Italy is growing a lot, thanks to organizations like ours. My goal? I want to keep playing until I feel I can win".

His best results in 2018:

●     ITL Only The Best - Napoli - January - 1st

●     TVL S1 Bologna - February - 2nd

●     TWT The Colosseum - Roma - May - 9th

●     TVL S2 Milano - May - 1st

●     Damagermany 2018 - Germany - June - 9th

●     TWT Fighting Games Challenge - Poland - June - 17th

●     TWT VSFIGHTING2018 - Birmingham - Luglio - 5th

●     TWT Celtic Throwdown - Dublin - August - 7th

●     TWT MIXUP - Lione - Septemper- 9th

●     ITeSPA - Milano - September - 3rd

'Rikimaru', born Rosario Monaco, is a 1988 class player of Acireale who prefers Ling Xiaoyu: "Being part of QLASH Forge makes me very happy, also because the team has remained the same as Team Forge, with the addition of Devilnin. I am sure that together we will achieve great results, as evidenced by the fact that at the The Divine Challenge in February we all finished on the podium. Personally, I hope to do well at this year's Tekken World Tour".

His best results in 2018:

●     Tekken Catania at NerdFest - 1st

●     Romics 2018 - 1st

●     ITL Final 2018, Milano - 2nd

●     Valley of the Pharaloads, Reggio Emilia - 2nd

●     Torneo Toscana, Livorno 2018 - 1st

●     Tekken Catania Excellent Tournament 2018 - 1st

●     E-Sport Cup, Roma 2018 - 2nd

●     Iron Fist Tournament #1, Marsiglia 2018 - 3rd

●     Malta Tekken National Cup, Malta 2018 - 1st

●     The Divine Challenge, Cecina 2018 - 2nd

●     Colosseum-TWT Challenge Roma - Top 8

●     ADFT IX-TWT Challenge Barcellona - Top 8

●     TWT Fighting Games Challenge - Poland - June - 17th

●     TWT VSFIGHTING2018 - Birmingham - July - 13rd

●     TWT Berlin Tekken Clash - Germany - 17th

Last, but not least, Cheng 'Devilnin' Guo. Born in Tian Jin, China and residing in Rome since he was 4 years old, Cheng is also a 1988 class player who has his warhorses in Steve Fox and Akuma. "In 2018 I tried to get the best possible results and this allowed me to join a team like QLASH, where I am proud to find players like my teammates. I want to qualify for the TWT also to bring the Chinese flag up on the Tekken scene".

His best results in 2018:

●     TVL S1 Bologna - February - 4th

●     ITL 2018 Champion (Italian Tekken League) - March

●     ESL Tekken League - March - 1st

●     ESL Tekken League - April - 2nd

●     Fell The Fury 2018: - April - 1st

●     Esports Cup Cinecittà World - May - 1st

QLASH Tekken Team Pro will be managed by Fabio 'Kokey' Augelletta: "I'm very enthusiastic about our roster; training in QLASH House is proving fundamental to the growth of the players," he said. "We are ready to give our best at the Italian Tekken League 2019, and then channel our energy into the next stages of the Tekken World Tour".