QLASH is maximizing its efforts and achieves successes by expanding into a new horizon in MENA region by featuring its new branch - “QLASH Egypt” to the world. QLASH Egypt are now representing Egypt and MENA region in games such as Clash Royale, League of Legends, Hearthstone, PUBG, Fortnite and Brawl Stars.

QLASH Egypt: let the staff speak

After a year spent as champions, thanks to the hard work and effort QLASH Egypt staff put in the community, we achieved some important milestones and we are proudly recognized as number one esports team in Egypt and MENA region. We are excited and proud and we want to thank Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov (co-founders of QLASH) for believing in this project, granting us such opportunity!

For the upcoming months our goal is to achieve more important results and be one of the most important and reliable organizations in the area.

Ahmed Diaa, Community manager and Director of QLASH Egypt, said : “The Egyptian society in particular and the Arab world in general is seen as a niche in the world of electronic sports, still this niche needs attention, consideration and a strong guidance. In QLASH we want to invest and expand this niche to start a revolution in the world of esports”.

Ahmed Sawaby, the Marketing Manager of QLASH Egypt, said: “Esports in Egypt market has a great potential, we’re at the very beginning but we already gained and achieved lots of successes and a massive exposure on dedicated social media. Our aim is to be the number one in Egypt and MENA and conquer the esports scene”.

Ahmed Tharwat, Competitive Manager, said: “QLASH Egypt has the intention to play a big role in Egypt and MENA by giving players the opportunity to show their talent. the esports scene keeps on growing insanely and is going to be one of the most important industries in the coming years. We have a positive approach when bringing up the stars of the future, especially when working with very young talent. My own message for them is ‘never let anyone bring you down and never give up on your dreams. Hard work and motivation will be your fuel and will forge you into the player you want to be’.