A little over a year has passed since the QLASH victory of the Italian FIFA19 championship and the performance of the QLASH New Era team is certainly a great feat by itself. Achieving first and second place sets the tone for an instant domination in the scene. 


The PES Italian Championship Tour 2019 is a Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 tournament organized by HEL - Hellodì Esports Lab. The championship was divided into five qualifying stages plus a Grand Final. The first stage took place at the Torino Comics, the second in Milan and the third in Rome. The penultimate qualification was held online and the last qualifying stop was in Rimini, on 2nd and 3rd of August just before the Grand Finals on the 4th.

how it started

The QLASH Pro Team, formed by Andrea 'FootballArt' Milano, Luigi 'Kirito_Yuuki_00' Loffredo, Alessandro 'Jock_86' Impero, participated in the last two stages of the qualifying tournaments to gain access to the Grand Final on August 4th, where Mattia 'Teclis-88' Pallotta was already qualified, having won the first stage in Turin. Despite the difficulties of the first day, including the viral video of a tornado that hit Rimini and its gaming area, Luigi 'Kirito_Yuuki_00' Loffredo managed to triumph by beating the Pro2be Esport - Umberto 'Umbee96_' Frusciano with an aggregated score of 6-4 showing great focus and determination.

Andrea ‘FootballArt‘ Milano and Alessandro ‘Jock_86‘ Impero did not manage to go through, getting eliminated in the quarter-finals and the groups respectively.


During the Grand Final which kicked off at 2.00pm on August 4th, Mattia ‘Teclis-88‘ Pallota and Luigi ‘Kirito_Yuuki_00‘ passed the first rounds both in second place and with a total of 4 and 6 points respectively. In the knockout stages the two QLASH players immediately found themselves on opposite sides of the bracket, already dreaming to meet at the very end. 

Teclis-88 lived up to the expectations and won the quarterfinals against Nicolò 'Teclas93' Sesto by 1-0, advancing in the semifinals where he beat the Sardinian player Alfonso 'GarayFox' Mereu for 4-3, getting a well-deserved place in the grand final. 

At the same time the young Kirito_Yuuki_00 started with a bang: a 4-1 victory in the quarterfinals against Jacopo 'JC-STUNNER' Crocchia. The semifinal obstacle was the player he played against on August 2nd -  Umbee96_. After yet another important win with an aggregate score of 3-2 the dream became a reality and a fully QLASH branded final was incoming.

The two players both came to the Grand Final hungry to show their best and there was certainly no pity or holding punches between the teammates. At the end of a nervous final Teclis-88 managed to get the better of it by winning 2 series in a row in a Bo3 format and deservedly became the champion of the PES Italian Championship.


The tournament ended with a ceremony and closing rites, with the QLASH Team present on the podium on first and second place, winning the Italian PES championship and sending a clear signal to the Canadian cousins ​​of the team.

One thing is certain: the tournament could hardly have gone any better and the guys at QLASH New Era showed incredible skills fruits of a lot of hard work and high professionalism. The very high standards they had were realized in the best possible way: taking the title home.

We take this opportunity to thank all the people who have followed us and supported us through social media as well as those who celebrated and suffered with us during the ceremony and during adversal time (such as natural disasters interfering with gameplay).

We are the Italian PES Champions!