With the festive season incoming QLASH would like to give you one more reason to be impatient. Together with Yoan ‘ToD’ Merlo we bring to you the QLASH Casters Invitational. A StarCraft 2 event that will feature some of the best known casters in the world and will give serious bragging rights to the one that comes out on top to lift the trophy. 

Live finals? Niiice!

As the name suggests, this is a tournament organized by casters for casters and QLASH is happy to be the title sponsor and also support the organization of the event. And what better way to contend the title than to visit us in Treviso, Italy and battle it out in the QLASH House. That’s right, the Ro4 will be played in a LAN event and we will host the semifinals, finals and maybe some side events for your entertainment. Jolly! 

On top of that we have also partnered with Matcherino who have some nice surprises for the StarCraft 2 community and for those of you who would like to contribute to the prizepool and overall Christmasy consumerism spirit. Matcherino will be creating a campaign featuring a ton of amazing items with exclusive artwork by Nicolas Chaussois. If you are wondering about a holiday gift, well, they will provide plenty of stuff like mugs, sweaters and most importantly exclusive limited-time in-game portraits that you can only get through this event!! Any spending you do will contribute to the prizepool and to your favorite casters!

You can access the Matcherino campaign here!

The format, participants, dates and streams

We have a total of 16 contenders split into 4 groups. The groups will be played in GSL format and the top two players from each will progress into the Ro8 direct elimination bracket. ToD and Kevin ‘Harstem’ de Koning were kind enough to draw the groups already and you can watch them doing so here.

QLASH Casters Invitational groups

As you can see there is some serious casting talent involved but we are sure the level of play will not fall much behind with so much bragging rights and a trip to Italy at stake. At least we know this one won’t be won by Serral, although, with him you never know...

A large chunk of the event will be played online as follows:

Group A - December 21st with casters ToD and Harstem
Group B - December 22nd with casters ToD and Harstem
Group C - December 23rd with casters ToD and Lambo
Group D - December 29th with casters ToD and Lambo
Ro8 - December 30th with casters ToD and Lambo

All games from the online part of the event will be broadcasted on ToD’s twitch channel

The Ro4 and Live Finals from the QLASH House will be played in the early stages of 2019 although the dates are yet to be confirmed. For all updates make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter.

The LAN part of the tournament will be casted by ToD and Harstem and will be broadcasted live on QLASH’s official Twitch channel

See you on the streams and make sure to bring your Christmas mood!