Team QLASH and Omega eSports are extremely happy to announce a new partnership to promote and grow the eSports industry in Italy.

With the acquisition of Omega eSports, the QLASH organization will gain more than 70 clans and teams competing in different games. Through this collaboration, the QLASH Community will greatly expand itself.

“Why QLASH? A common ground”

“Why we embraced the QLASH cause? We have a lot in common: most of all, the desire to see eSports grow in Italy”, said Alfredo Marinozzi, Omega eSports founder.

“Since its foundation, Omega eSports has been working to promote the Community as a united family. The idea to join QLASH Meetups and to engage with and personally meet all those guys who believed in us to begin with really thrills us”.

“I found in the Omega eSports staff a solid and tenacious group, full of ideas”, commented Luca Pagano, CEO and co-founder of QLASH. “I’m sure that through this new synergy we can further close the gap with our Community, expanding our initiatives exponentially”. 

Omega eSports: from zero to hero!

Omega eSports was born at the end of 2016, based on an intuition of its founder, Alfredo Marinozzi. After just a few months, Omega eSports became an organization with multiple titles, competing in the best tournaments in the world and gaining traction. 

With the arrival of Daniele Giacomelli as Team Manager, last summer, Omega eSports developed its first International branches and thus attracted the interest of the best known eSports organizations worldwide.

“We’re happy of what we could accomplish in such a short time”, said Giacomelli, “and we’re looking forward to continue our journey together with a such an important entity as QLASH”.