Treviso, Italy - June 27, 2019 - MSI wanted to formalize the start of partnership with Team QLASH with an exclusive event directly in QLASH House: the event, created in collaboration with Logitech G, another key partner of QLASH, was attended by various media of the sector and influencers, in addition to the participation of the most important figures of the QLASH team, MSI and Logitech. A natural partnership between MSI and QLASH: two realities that share a vision, made of continuous innovation and an increasingly close relationship with community gaming.

"We are extremely happy to work closely with companies that have such an important presence in gaming. MSI and Logitech are in the homes of millions of gamers all over the world, thanks to the quality and reliability of their products ". 

Luca Pagano - CEO of QLASH

The event included the traditional conference in which the motivations and objectives of this partnership were explained: MSI has always had as its objective to satisfy every gamer, from the amateur to the professional, through its own products and the continuous innovation in these terms. Today the company sponsors over 20 eSports teams around the world and has developed a deep connection with millions of gamers and fans, making its products perfect for eSports.

“The care and detail that MSI and Logitech G put in their products is an indication of how much they care about their customers. This is the kind of approach we like and which we try to adopt every day with our fans ". 

Eugene Katchalov - co-founder of QLASH and Head of Community

MSI products in QLASH House

The partnership between MSI and QLASH aims to support a high-level competitive team and to reach new heights and results within the national and international sports and entertainment panorama. For these reasons, QLASH House has recently received some of the most successful and innovative features of MSI products. Speaking of innovation it is unthinkable not to mention two products featured in QLASH, namely the Oculux NXG251R monitor and the Trident X desktop.

The monitor features a 25 "flat TN panel with a 244Hz refresh rate and 1ms direct time, perfect for all those gamers to looking for a monitor with exceptional in-game performance. The Trident X desktop instead represents a perfect solution when it comes to bulk and brute power: the Trident X has in fact a case of only 10 liters with an i9-9900K processor and an Rtx 2080 graphics card in the Ventus version. MSI has managed to enclose in such a small space hardware components so powerful thanks to its careful study of the air flow and heat dissipation.

"MSI is proud to start the partnership with QLASH, a continuation of last year's partnership with Team Forge. MSI has always aimed to provide the best gaming product and QLASH undoubtedly represents the most promising eSports team on the Italian scene."

Gianpaolo Catania - MSI Marketing Director

About MSI Gaming

MSI is an IT company founded in 1986 in Taiwan, which has quickly become a point of reference all over the world and has developed an important evolution throughout its history. Starting with the PC components, especially dedicated to professionals, it has migrated to a very demanding type of customer, the player. This decision has permeated the whole company, updated the logo and started to inspire all engineers, even those who are still dedicated to the development of business and industrial solutions. Being dedicated to gamers requires MSI, as a whole, to always be a pioneer of technology, offering products not only in step with the times but often anticipating them. The brand is present today in over 120 countries and offers complete lines of motherboards, graphics cards, desktops (professional and gaming), gaming monitors, gaming peripherals, notebooks, all-in-one PCs, servers, industrial PCs, household appliances, robot and electronics. With the slogan "TrueGaming" MSI spares no effort in the pursuit of quality and product design for players and, in general, for all those who seek maximum value in an IT product.