QLASH is excited to announce its participation in the Delta Summit Malta 2019 edition, a renowned Maltese convention that will be held  at the MFCC Centre in Ta’Qali between the 3rd and the 6th of October 2019. The central themes of the Delta Summit are around the blockchain and the digital innovation sector, but this year,  also thanks to the active participation of QLASH and the inevitable interest in the gaming world by the Maltese government, it will also cover  esports and game production.

Last May, the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat emphasised the importance of esports he envisages for his country, by revealing in a press conference Malta’s strategic vision towards videogames development and esports. The Prime Minister went on saying  that videogames are much more than pure entertainment, they are also a source of inspiration to promote culture, education and well-being of a country. In fact, the government wants to build a strong local ecosystem centered on esports and videogames, to attract global level competitions but also to bring the country closer to further technological development.

During the Delta Summit, QLASH will set up an area of ​​over 200 square meters entirely dedicated to esports and videogames entertainment. Amongst other activities QLASH will be organising a Tekken tournament, a FIFA tournament and casual tournaments for Brawl Stars and Clash Royale. Besides all this, QLASH will set up a fully dedicated area for VR covering the most popular virtual reality game Beat Saber.

QLASH will also host a FIFA and TEKKEN bootcamp, where local players will get the opportunity to attend a two day full immersion into their favourite game. They will live like a pro together with QLASH’s own pro teams for a couple of days. This experience will give a 360 degree insight of what’s it like to be an esports athlete and unfold important information about how to get better in the game and balance video games with other important aspects of life. Tekken local players will be chosen through a qualifying tournament, while FIFA local players will be hand picked and invited to attend.

After several experiences accumulated in Italy, the Delta Summit will be an occasion to present the QLASH Education project abroad. The managers of QLASH Education, which aims to educate the youngest to a healthy approach to the immense video game world, will talk to Maltese students, educating them on  the importance of a healthy balance between play, study and physical activity and shedding light on the various careers one can take in the esports industry.

QLASH is organising this event together and in participation with the Gaming Malta Foundation a non for profit organisation aimed to promote Malta as a centre of gaming excellence. We are excited to be part of this amazing esports celebration and are looking forward to seeing you at our stand in Malta.