We are proud to announce the QLASH Fortnite Clan: a new window to the Fortnite world which we hope will be a great way for our community to be even more engaged with this huge title.

The Fortnite Clan will be a selected community of players that will have access to dedicated events, giveaways, training sessions with the Team Pro and opportunities to connect with QLASH on an organisational level. Maybe even be lucky enough to visit the QLASH House and experience first hand its awesomeness. 

This is a structured and fully developed project which is designed specifically for the immensely successful Fortnite game by producers Epic Games. With the birth of the QLASH Fortnite Clan we would like to grow together with a selection of quality players and content creators who could possibly even reach professional level and be part of our own Team Pro depending on their skills and personal qualities. This is an important step for the entire Fortnite community, as it opens the door to all fans, giving them an additional incentive to play this fantastic game. 

Francesco, Italian Clan Manager: "I'm really proud of this project in a game as important as Fortnite and I am very happy to be able to lead this Clan and work to bring the QLS tag to the high standards this organization has always been aiming for."

Just as Francesco points out, the tag that the members of the Clan will carry is QLS, which will be a dedicated QLASH tag exclusively for this purpose. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to make this project a success and we hope our community will embrace it as its own. Follow our social media channels where we will soon post more information about how you can become part of the QLASH Fortnite Clan!