Today at QLASH we are both excited and proud to share that one of our players Justus ‘Flobby’ von Eitzen will be part of SK Gaming competitive Clash Royale League team.

Flobby is a great example of how someone can walk the long road from being a less known player to becoming a true Pro and Superstar in a matter of months. He was scouted and brought to the QLASH roster when he was still making his first baby steps in the competitive Clash Royale scene but it was easy for QLASH to nurture his talent and lead him to the eSports heights thanks to his outstanding professionalism and sense of responsibility.

He came to the spotlight by winning the qualifier for the last Gamergy Masters spot in 2017, by besting the incredible ‘Soking’ in the final qualifying game. At the live event itself, which was in fact the first ever in his career, he was the mystery outsider and considered as a big underdog. However, he proved everyone wrong when he eliminated several great players such as 'Sergio Ramos' and 'Pompeyo'. He went on to reach the final where he lost against 'Surgical Goblin' in a very close and exciting match.

Ever since Flobby joined our team we could see that he is carrying the true spirit of the QLASH Community. He has always showed genuine appreciation for the fans, engaging with them every chance he gets and we are sure this is one of the main reasons he became one of their favorites. This is evident to this day because even though he will be part of SK Gaming competitive team he will continue to collaborate with and be part of our amazing QLASH Community in the future.

We are certain that we can do incredible things together with him and SK Gaming going forward. Just like all the Flobby fans out there QLASH will be rooting for him to show his best game in the CRL.

He absolutely deserves it!