Villorba, Treviso – Pinball and eSports, together for the greatest show ever! It's all going to happen in Villorba, the nearby neighborhood of Treviso, in the QLASH House, home of Team QLASH and Italian eSports headquarters. For the very first time this innovative approach will be taken - alongside a Hearthstone eSport tournament the Italian Championship of Competitive Pinball: IPO - Italian Pinball Open.

The twofold event will be live during the weekend of June 23rd and 24th 2018 and these prominent competitions, in the pinball and in the videogames scene, will aim to create a relationship between communities with a Virtual Pinball tournament. This third event will be played online, on virtual machines, thanks to dedicated tablets stations with the same rules used for the Ifpa Competitive Pinball tournaments. This innovation will take the battle between pinball players and videogames player to a more intense level and it won't be possible to say which category will be favored. 

Event is organized by the Italian delegation of International Flipper Pinball Association (Ifpa) together with Luca Pagano, and with the collaboration of Tecnoplay and Double Pinball, official Italian competitive pinball machine suppliers. Also with the support of Stern Pinball: historic pinball machine manufacturer, a worldwide leader, that will be providing their online Virtual Pinball platform - Stern Pinball Arcade - where the competition will take place and many gadgets and prizes will be given out for winners and participants.

We're excited and proud to host such kind of event and offer an exclusive novelty in the international entertainment panorama", says Luca Pagano, professional poker player, entrepreneur and angel investor, and Italian eSports pioneer. "We're sure the interaction between these two worlds made up of competitive flipper and videogames, will bring fantastic results and we can't wait to see the real effects. For sure we'll be hosting an event all for entertainment and socialization: true values for Team QLASH and Ifpa, and the reason why we wanted to organize such an event."

By the side of competitive pinball, this event has a crucial role for italian and international ranking. Besides the election of Italian Pinball Champion 2018, the Main Tournament is listed in the official Ifpa calendar and valid for Wppr ranking. It is also included in the ICS 2018 National Circuit calendar, being the fourth - and most important - step in terms of the points. Moreover it is the only Italian step for the ECS European Circuit.

Open registrations start from April 2nd.

The tournament participants will be 64 players.