The Italian competitive scene takes off!

Are you ready to fight against the best Italian teams in a ‘back to the origins’ 3v3 tournament? The challenge is up now!

QLASH Champions Series is a Vainglory tournament which gives everyone the opportunity to compete for the prize pool and to face the strongest teams in Italy.

This first edition of the event is a ‘back to the origins’. A challenge in a form of a BO3 double elimination bracket, with lots of prizes and surprises.

The anticipated path for the QLASH Champions Series is designed to give every team a second possibility and therefore state the best Italian team, no holds barred. In total 16 teams will be selected to play in the event.

The matches will be played Monday and Wednesday at times that should be convenient for everyone, mainly from 6pm CET.

Double elimination
21st May, Monday
23rd May, Wednesday
28th May, Monday
30Th May, Wednesday
4th June, Monday
6th June, Wednesday

Semi-finals and Finals
11th, 12th, 13th June, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Game: Vainglory
Type: 3v3
Teams: 16
Structure: Double elimination bracket, Final single elimination
Series: Bo3 regular matches, Bo5 Semi-finals and Finals
Prize pool: 14400 ICE + €210,00
Prizes for the top 3 teams