What is QLASH League

The QLASH League, an 8-week, EU team-based Clash Royale competition culminating in a live event Grand Final.

5v5 King of the Hill Style team competition

Open Qualifiers ended with top 10 teams joining 10 invited teams for the final qualifier.

The top 8 from there joined and that is the QLASH League.

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Teams consist of 5 main roster (1 of which can be non-EU) and up to 5 subs if needed. Only players put on official roster by the time of their qualification will be counted for that team. No substitutes outside of stated roster.

Players must be 16 + at time of live finals (May 4-6, 2018) and have ability to travel freely inside EU, in the unlikely event that the finals location changes to elsewhere in Europe.

EU player is defined as people from the greater EU region.

The team captain or any authorized teammate is required to send the roster and the player's sequence through a direct message on Discord to the game administrator or to the administrator's representative.

Each match consists of at least five players for each team that will face King of the Hill mode.
When all of one team has been eliminated, one player can be revived. The team who eliminates the opposition, wins the set. 

The team with best of 3 sets wins the match.

If there is a tie, the players play again and can change decks. The second tie will end in a decision based on the player who has made the most damage to an opposing tower.

In event of disconnection, there will not be a rematch.

In event of the wrong person accepting a match, the point will be lost by the person/ team who accepts the match.

No card bans.

The 'Fix starting deck' option will not be used in League play.

New cards- as a new card is released we will make a decision with the timing of release vs the time of competition and relate this to everyone in a timely fashion.


€5,000 Total Prize Pool

€2,500 + Trip to Finals*- Winners
€1,500 + Trip to Finals*- 2nd Place
€1,000*- 3rd Place
Automatically qualified for QL2- 4th Place 

* Qualifies for QL2