European esports club QLASH officially announced its expansion to Latin America and starts operations in Mexico, from where they will lead their actions in the region.

The decision to expand comes after several years of success of QLASH in Spain, which generated an important club’s fanbase in Latin America. Also, one of the main goals of the company for 2022 is to expand markets for its own platform: QLASH Community, which already has 100,000 registered users and 20,000 monthly active users.

Longside an operative structure, QLASH lands in Latin America with a gaming house in Mexico City, competitive teams, and content creators. Initially, the club announced their FIFA 22 roster with Mexicans Aldo Uresti, Leo Joaquin and Giovanni Apud as players. FIFA 22 won’t be the only game in which the club will compete.

The plan of QLASH for 2022 is to place itself strongly into the mobile landscape, which counts Latin America as one of its bigger markets. The club happens to be a top reference in Europe within the mobile ecosystem. Having that in mind, QLASH will present its new teams during the next months, although important and popular games in Latam like League of Legends will also be part of it.

The list of content creators announced by QLASH shows the relevance of mobile gaming: YoSoyRick, MaferTejeda, Gabino BS, Deser Alexis y Charlie BS.

Luca Pagano, CEO of QLASH, stated that “QLASH is constantly evolving and expanding, and arriving in Latin America is a logical step for the company. We have been planning our expansion to Mexico for more than a year and we are delighted to finally accomplish it. We strongly believe that Mexico is a key country in the Gaming and Esports landscape for the next few years and it felt natural for us to start operating there”. Pagano added that “QLASH has a big and strong fanbase in Latin America and we will bring a lot of activities for our LATAM community from competitive teams to lots of events for anyone in our QLASH Community Platform, which keeps growing and growing and we are convinced that Latin America will welcome us with open arms”.

Diego Griñan Malla, Country Manager of QLASH for Spain and Latin America, said that “The goal of QLASH with this expansion is to strengthen an Esports ecosystem that has been impressively growing in Mexico and Latin America. We will work hard to create a community through competitive teams and the organization of events for everyone on our platform. We start to walk in the region with much hope and work, and we expect to become a relevant part and accomplish our goals for 2022”.

QLASH begins in great fashion 2022 expanding into one of the regions with bigger growth expected for the following years. Also, they continue with the great work done in 2021, where the company closed a successful crowdfunding round that surpassed the € 1 million mark, besides adding new investors to great names like Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu such as the American professional poker player Dan Cates, the Italian MMA fighter Marvin Vettori and the Spanish footballer Victor Camarasa; and closing commercial deals with brands such as KIA, AC MILAN, Paysafe, JD, Maxnomic, Villarreal CF, and HyperX, among others.