The QLASH MAXNOMIC Cup is a 1v1 CLASH ROYALE competition, open to all European players.

The event will be played through the QLASH Community App, our tournament app compatible with Android and iOS, in which we create events open to everyone every day!

Download it here:

We will create 3 qualifiers

The top 2 players from each individual qualifying tournament will advance to the Final.

We will then have 6 players from the qualifiers, 1 player from a giveaway on Twitter and 1 player from our Community, for a total of 8 players for the final tournament!

The winner of the event will get our new MAXNOMIC gaming chair (not yet announced).

For problems and questions, you can request assistance in our Clash Royale Discord server: 

Here are the links of each individual qualifier (if you do not have the QLASH Community App installed, by clicking on the links you will be redirected to the Store to download it):

3rd QUALIFIER: check back soon!
FINALE: check back soon!

Good luck 🍀


If I win, when will I get the product?
The new chair has not yet been announced. Shipments will begin in January.

Which countries in Europe are excluded from participation?
Check the list of supported countries at the following link:
Unfortunately, we cannot ship the product to some countries (eg England).

How to play a 1v1 tournament?
One of the two players will have to share their friend link in the QLASH App chat. It will then be possible to play via the “1v1 friendly battle” function inside Clash Royale.

Why do I have to use the correct gamertag (#) within the QLASH Community App?
It is mandatory to use the gamertag related to your Clash Royale profile, under penalty of disqualification. The tag is essential to facilitate the work of the tournament admins.