QLASH, a Swiss-based esports organization currently focused on Europe (Italy and Spain) and with a presence in Latin America and Egypt, is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on the Seedrs platform.  

With the Esports, and more broader Gaming industries explosive growth, the time to invest is ripe. Esports is the competitive side of Gaming and its audience size is set to surpass 500 million fans around the world this year. The Gaming industry is set to break $180 billion in terms of revenues and is now bigger than the movie, music and television industries. With valuations in the Esports industry exploding, QLASH positions itself with a unique approach as an innovative Media company building communities in multiple different games and bridging traditional brands with this young generation

QLASH was founded in 2017 by Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov, two former professional poker players. Existing investors that joined them later on include world famous poker stars such as Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Jeff Gross.  The 5 poker players have combined poker winnings of over $80 millions, hence bring a lot of capital and first-hand knowledge about what it means to be a successful player/gamer. The former CEO of PokerStars, Michael Hazel also joined as one of the organization’s key advisors

Luca Pagano, CEO and Co-Founder of QLASH, said that “we are thrilled to offer our great community the possibility of owning a piece of our club. As of today, we have millions of followers across our media channels and we work hard every day to create even better ways to entertain our communities of gamers. We are thankful to our community and want them to benefit from our growth”. 

The other Co-Founder of the club, Eugene Katchalov, mentioned that “our focus is the regular gamer who wants something more than just playing a game. Someone that wants to be part of a localized community and receive all the benefits that come with that. The Seedrs equity crowdfunding campaign is our way of allowing our community to not just be part of QLASH, but to actually own a piece of it and benefit from all our future success”. 

Regarding the crowdfunding campaign, Pagano added: “Our business model today is focused on things such as sponsorships, events organizations, creation of digital campaigns, and selling of media rights. To aggregate all of our initiatives in one place, we are developing our own platform, the QLASH Community App, that allows us to provide more value to our community while at the same time monetizing through things like advertising, subscriptions and in-app purchases”. 

For the past 4 years QLASH has focused on building a large community, strong brand and close relationships with massive brands such as AC Milan, Sky TV, Red Bull, Viber, MARCA and Paysafe. For the past 6 months its focus now turned to developing the QLASH Community App. It launched as a private MVP in November 2020 and has only recently become available in public. It already boasts more than 160,000 total registered users and almost 20,000 monthly active users and runs daily events in multiple different games. Accelerating development of this platform is one of the main reasons for this fundraising round.  

Part 1 of the campaign is the pre-registration phase during which everyone is welcome to submit some basic info to stay updated about when the campaign goes live. These same people will have exclusive access to the private phase of the campaign and have an opportunity to invest before anyone else thereby increasing the chance that their investment will be accepted as the target for the campaign is met. QLASH will be unveiling more details about the campaign throughout August revealing much more business information as well as the additional perks that will be awarded to the investors.