Konami has just announced that the Pro Evolution Soccer saga will be revamped as eFootball. In that direction, the competitive season ended with good results for the QLASH players.

The eFootball.Open World Finals gathered the best Pro Evolution Soccer players in the world and QLASH was represented there. The 1v1 competitive circuit took place in the second half of July and reserved good results for the two Italian QLASH players involved. Alessandro ‘Jock_86’ Impero (‘Saturn’ in the tournament) and Gianluca ‘Bestia93_x’ Castellano have both ended the competition in third place.

‘Jock_86’, on PlayStation 4 EU competition, has lost only versus ‘komario14’ for 2-4, who would end winning the championship. Same destiny for ‘Bestia93_x’, in the global Xbox tournament: he has lost only to the final champion, the Brazilian ‘rafafiel10’, for 1-2.

QLASH has ended the Pro Evolution Soccer competitive season with great achievements, and everyone is waiting to know what is the future like for the new Konami game and format.

PlayStation 4 Bracket

Xbox One Bracket