Through a Fortnite event, Día promoted their brands El Diablo and Hola Cola to the esports audience together with the Spanish club.

The growth of gaming and esports content consumption is no longer something new, and brands know that that audience is a target to aim for both for its size and its profile.

QLASH is not only an esports organization with different winning teams. It’s also a company that works hard to build bridges between brands and the gaming and esports audience. That’s the case with the activation that QLASH did together with Grupo Día.

El Díablo & Hola Cola Cup by Día was a Fortnite event that included 3 competition days, a total of 10 days of activations in social media and digital platforms, and a 2,000€ prize pool. The main goal was to grow Día’s brand awareness within the esports audience. With Día as the main brand, the El Diablo Cup qualifier took place on May 25th. Two days later, Hola Cola Cup qualifier was played. Finally, May 30th was the day for the Grand Finals.

4,800 people participated in the two qualifiers and the best 25 players of each event advanced to the Grand Finals. 38 well-known players and 12 special invites like Sevilla’s footballer Suso, and streamers MateoZ, Nakoo and Enrique Ramos joined. Also, the three competition days were broadcasted on Twitch by one of the most important Fortnite commentators in Spain, Suja.

The activation between Grupo Día and QLASH surpassed the 11,000,000 impressions across different social media profiles, and the broadcasts on Twitch had 3,200,000 live visualizations gathering all participators streams during the event.

Diego Griñán Malla, Country Manager at QLASH España, said that “It’s been a pleasure for us at QLASH to work together with Grupo Día during this activation. It has also been a challenge to help such an important national and international brand to reach engagement levels with the young and demanding esports audience. We are very satisfied with the work done together with Grupo Día and with the results”.

This activation shows not only the importance for brands to be part of the gaming and esports scene, but also the need of doing so in the right way and with the ideal partners. In this case, QLASH has been the perfect vehicle for Grupo Día and its brands El Diablo and Hola Cola to reach the place they wanted to reach, and properly.