Our community approach proves once again to be successful as the youngster Ander Tobal Herrada aka ‘Neat110’ becomes the champion of the 2019/20 eLaLiga Santander Grand Final – the largest Spanish competition that is a product of the collaboration between LaLiga and the game publisher Electronic Arts (EA). The finals have a prize pool of 100,000 Euros and generate immense interest with an average viewership of 5,689 spectators and peaking at 10,857 on Twitch alone.  

We are committed to organizing daily community events open to all European players in the different titles we are involved in. The QLASH FIFA events proved to be a real trampoline for Ander as he started participating in them quite successfully earlier in the year. Winning a few of them was enough to highlight his skills to our staff and were the main reason we started following his progress more closely subsequently giving him the chance to shine at the highest level. 

At just the age of 16 ‘’Neat110’’ becomes the youngest player to compete and win such a prestigious event and the lofty grand prize of 40,000 Euros. Incredibly, this achievement comes for Ander in his first ever participation in a tournament of this calibre. No matter where he decides to continue his career, we at QLASH are extremely proud to be able to identify and nurture the stars of tomorrow. 

Our Spanish FIFA coach, Rubén Ripoll was the one to notice the astonishing talent and had some thoughts on the matter: “When I saw Neat play for the first time a few months ago, I knew he had something special. He has a unique play style, especially in attack, bringing elements you do not expect. He always does everything with great humility and a desire to learn more which is amazing at this young age.”  

Then he added: “For me no matter what happens, whether we win or lose in a competition we do so as a team and I am enormously happy for his victory because he deserved it. He worked hard to achieve this result and I am convinced that this is only the beginning for him!”. 

During the year Ander played as many tournaments as possible – both amateur and semi pro in order to gain experience and improve. His game has also greatly benefited from training alongside the FC Villareal FIFA players Rafael ‘Ralfitita’ Riobó and Oscar ‘Klose’ Lorenzo. The long days of training have proved to be more than worth it after Ander overcame the bracket filled with established superstars such as Gravesen, JRA, Andoni and Cone to bring the trophy home. 

If you would like to know more about our events and become part of what we are building, join our Global QLASH Discord server or our FIFA dedicated one. To be able to find young players in the community and give them the opportunity to compete at the highest possible level is incredibly satisfying after a success like that and we have no plans for slowing down.