EA Sports, the game publisher of FIFA announced the competitive season to be over, as the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020 was cancelled, due to COVID-19. With this decision, the current world rankings will be considered as final. 

After winning one of the FUT Champions Cup (PS4) stops in Bucurest and reaching the semi-finals in another, the amazing season and a rollercoaster of emotions ends for our very own Diego ‘’QLASH Crazy” Campagnani. With his consistent results he made history becoming the first Italian player to finish as the number 1 ranking player in FIFA 20 for PlayStation 4. 

The FIFA scene is extremely competitive with millions of players worldwide striving to get to the top 128 and be shown in the official ranking. From there, it is even a tougher battle to the very top of the global elite. Making it to the number 1 spot in the World Rankings for PlayStation 4 is not only an amazing achievement for Diego and QLASH as an organization, but for the whole Italian Esports scene as well. 

“I’m really proud of the result achieved this year, we couldn’t have wished for more. We have worked hard with all the FIFA staff and the results have arrived. We end our season as number one in the world on Playstation 4, writing the history of Italian Esports and bringing one of the most prestigious successes that no Italian had ever achieved before. The challenge now will be to keep the hunger for success and continue to do even better.” – Sergio Porcelli, FIFA Team Manager at QLASH 

What’s next for FIFA and Diego?  

Even though the news came just recently, Diego Campagnani is already looking forward and getting ready for the next competitive season: 

“I am very satisfied with how I played this first part of the season. Thanks to the support of the entire team and organization, I managed to make the qualitative leap, positioning myself among the best in the world. The FIFA 21 season is about to arrive and I can’t wait to return to the pitch!” 

Our work as an esports organisation so far has not only been focused on managing great players, but also finding and developing talents with our grassroots approach – by building up communities with members that have а huge passion for the games they play. The regular daily tournaments and initiatives that QLASH organizes are becoming a hub for both aspiring players and fans alike.