The current COVID19 situation has effectively halted a lot of industries to a standstill. Esports is certainly not one of them.

Even though a lot of live events worldwide have been cancelled, the industry is showing its immense flexibility. Major publishers and organizers are pushed to the edge to reinvent themselves and find innovative solutions to the crisis, but even now, we can see growth, especially in terms of online engagement. For the people that are forced to stay at home for a prolonged period, gaming seems to be a safe haven, providing both a venue for competition and being one of the few sources of fresh content to consume.

QLASH has always tried to come up with new ways to engage the gaming community and we are extremely pleased to have partnered with MARCA – the largest sports newspaper in Spain, and deliver together an online event around Fortnite for the local Spanish players and audience. With the huge marketing reach of Marca and the organizational know-how and community focus of QLASH, this partnership was bound to be effective and successful.

The event was called Marca Esports Challenge and consisted of 3 qualifiers played between 27th and 29th of April concluding with a final on the 4th of May. All the playdays were commented live by professional casters and streamed on the Twitch channel of Marca. The numbers speak for themselves about the interest that was generated – a total of 7,792 participants took place in the event while the live streams attracted 23,000 unique viewers. Most importantly though, the Fortnite community in Spain provided very positive feedback and was happy with the output of our joint effort.

As always, we wanted to provide an unusual twist to the event and this time it was in the form of professional football players that took part. Surely, a treat to the fans watching, with some of the footballers even streaming and commenting on their own gameplay. The players that were involved were Víctor Camarasa from Deportivo Alaves, Achraf Hakimi from Borussia Dortmund, José Luis Gayà from Valencia FC, Paco Alcácer from Villareal FC and Suso from Sevilla FC.

Nicola Speroni, GM of MARCA: “We took the Esports road a few years ago, giving more and more attention to this emerging phenomenon, and now we’re convinced we have to do a step forward increasing our presence and our activities in the next future. The results of our Fortnite experience with Qlash and the other initiatives launched in the last weeks are confirming us we’re in the right way”

Considering the great feedback and the uplifting effect of the Marca Esports Challenge on the Fortnite community, you should be on the lookout for more to come.