Dario Ripa, beside his young age, has already developed a huge experience in the competitive Hearthstone field. ‘Pool8’, won the Hearts & Spades Qualifier #2, and smashed down the  Turning Point HCT  a month ago.

Winning the Qualifier made possible for Dario to gain the final stage of Hearts & Spades, and enter the Team QLASH as a member.

Among other results of ‘Pool8’ there’s a second place at Bluewave Open Tournament Francavilla 2016, second place at Planet Cup Qualifier (2016) and third place at GamersOrigin Challenge 2017.

«I hope my analytic approach applied to every game component – said the player from Torre del Greco – could help me and the Team QLASH to crush big results».

Italian Strike Invitational’s debut

‘Pool8’ is going to wear for the first time the colors of Team QLASH in the Battle of the Best – Team Edition, invitational tournament that’ll held on January 26th by the Planet house in San Donato Milanese. It’s a team tournament where the main prize, for the wiining team, is the Hearthstone Italian Cup participation.

«I do know ‘Pool8’ quite well  – said Team Captain, Simone ‘VKing’ Larivera – He is a player with such extraordinary skills, really a hammer. Among the Hearts & Spades competitors he’s the very best choice».


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