Born in 1994, Federica Campana studies psychology at University of Naples, where she first gets in touch with Hearthstone, a game she falls in love immediately: «I am a very competitive person – says ‘MaeveDonovan’ – and there’s no better place than Team QLASH to express this side of me».

Being sure that «a good player must be able to know and use all classes and to conform in every game type», Federica has a special affection for mage: «It’s the class I’ve played mostly and surely is one of my faves».

‘MaeveDonovan’ is among the best players in Italy: she achieved tons of successes in minor tournaments and got Top50 in August 2016, when she played for the Summer Preliminaries too.

«My dream is to turn my passion for the game in a real job», confesses Federica.

A welcome from Team QLASH

Quite satisfied is Luca Pagano, CEO and co-owner of Team QLASH: «I am pretty sure ‘MaeveDonovan’ will help us a lot. She has great skill games and has the right mood for the competition».

«I was following ‘MaeveDonovan’ since time – Team Manager Claudio Poggi speaks – and I already knew her highly competitive spirit. I’m sure she will able to show her talent starting from the Italian Championship».


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