Born in 1990, raised in Verona, ‘Bertels’ is one of the best italian players and streamer with over 3.000 followers reaching near 350.000 visualisations on Twitch.

«I am really happy to be part of Team QLASH, I do hope this could be the very own occasion to set myself into live events and I also think this is the right place to make myself and my professional figure to grow as well as the whole italian eSports movement», said Luca.

‘Bertels’ kindly dedicated some to his team mates: «’VKing’, ‘Pool8’ and ‘MaeveDonovan’ are really precious elements, either from the game side that from the personal side. I really hope to share with them adventures and big successes!»

What a palmares!

‘Bertels’ brings on Team QLASH explosiveness ed experience. We’re talking a man able to reach 46 times the Legend grade and gain so many important places in the competitive field of Hearthstone.

Luca won the Zotac Cup Winter Challenge 2014, three Tavern Hero (Bolzano 2015, Redondesco 2016, Mantova Spring 2017), the Verona Qualifier of F4LS and scored Top 3 on StriveWire’s Taunting Tuesday #69 – just in case you missed those!


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