Young and talented players (coming from former Team Rising Lotus) who enjoy playing VainGlory and currently are amongst the best six teams in game’s official League Vainglory 8, which involves the strongest teams in the world.

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Ivan Terekhov

🇷🇺 • position: jungler

Born in 2002, AgOny is not only a team pro, but also a word for what he does to his opponents.
He’s been playing VainGlory since Beta mode and is known as one of the best players in the game.
He lives in Russia and hopes this year the team stays in the top 5.

Marvin Walter

🇩🇪 • position: carry

17 years old, Marvin is passionate about VainGlory and is focused on growing individually as a player.

He has made great strides in the two years since he began playing and is Team Pro with two live qualifications under his belt.
While doing all of this, he stays vigilant in his studies at school and lists “sleep” as an interest.
So you know he is a studying maniac!

Marvin’s goals: “I really want to stay involved in the competitive scene. The growth of esports fascinates me and want to be part of that journey. Also I want to constantly improve my performance and have a good time.

Florian Meyer

🇩🇪 • position: captain

Flobby has been playing VainGlory for three years and hopes this year is the one that will take his team to the World Championships.

It’s been a crazy ride, but the 6 time, 24 years old, German Champion of Tae Kwon Do is used to the travel and the pressure of competition.
As the eldest on this VG team, he has the most live competition experience and will be a good source of knowledge for the team in live play.
When Flobby isn’t on the game, he is training for Tae Kwon Do events.

Konstantin Rodionov

🇷🇺 • position: jungler

16 years old, Konstantin has had a great 2017: having a new attitude has brought him VainGlory success.
This year he has his eyes on the prize World Championships in December. He keeps his mind and body active by participating in many sports including basketball, football and chess but puts school above everything.

Major Accomplishments:
Top 2 team in summer 2016 VG8 and month later my team got top 1 on LAN finals
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