Team Pro Hearthstone was born at the very beginning of 2017, when the QLASH project took form; the roster is one of themes interesting all around with players well known in the international scene.

They are the very first Italian team taking part in a Dreamhack.
Passion, synergy and the fiery will of growth make them one of the most close team ever.

To get to know team members, chats about maps or challenge them you just join our Discord server.


Federica Campana

Federica is the first member to have joined Team QLASH Hearthstone.
Willful and determined, she has all the cards to become a champion internationally.. and beyond! Federica loves to have fun with friends, hanging around in Naples, but commitments with the Team are sacred!

In her streams you'll find professionalism, technique and joyful murloc screams!

Dario Ripa

Second one to join the team, Dario is a passionate player.
Strongly bonded to his origins he’s a cosmopolitan wanderer: loves to travel worldwide and to explore everything.

He has a strong musical background that follows him through his daily Kabal Club on Twitch, so better pay him a visit!

Simone Larivera

Simone is one of the best known Hearthstone's professional players in the international scene.
Player but also caster of important events on the Italian stage, he is the one and only able to teach italian to the greatest Eloise - in addition to being accompanied by Pavel on a technical commentary.

Luca Bertelli

A really cold blooded player.
Luca plays Hearthstone since years now, it has been the logical follow-up of World of Warcraft, title he paid his first attention. Also he’s a fan of Monopoly and Risiko - that’s why he’s such a good strategist.

Also loves tennis, bike and sweet buns (but this is only a myth.. or not?).

Gabriele Catterin

The one and only rant-man!
Gabriele is a great and passionate person, in real life and in game. He’s a Hearthstone professional player since time and was able to transform his passion for videogames in a full time job.

Love spicy food, his dog and his Wol-cavern from where he streams daily various games.

Andrea Gereon

The “grampa” of Hearthstone, so called for his big.. experience!
Andrea is the last, in terms of time, to have joined the team; his knowledge and competence of the matter made him a good mentor.

He’s such a meticulous person and does not stand hypocrisy.
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