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8 Sep 2017

‘HellsDevil’ and ‘Mercilles’: “We’re ready to fight!”

By Claudio Poggi Response Tags: , ,

The QLASH Vainglory team is already in Los Angeles for the Vainglory 2017 Summer Unified Championship, where they are ready to fight with strongest teams in the world. But who are these guys? What they are thinking about? We asked a few questions to “HellsDevil” and “Mercilles” just before their flights to the US. HellsDevil Christiaan is 17 years old has the ambition to become the best. He’s been playing VainGlory for two years and has already qualified for two live events in 2017, so the future is bright! He keeps his mind sharp by focusing on his studies in secondary education in Amersfoort and spends his free time going out with friends and playing football. Mercilles As a  17 … Continua a leggere

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