4 Sep 2017

Team QLASH Pros ‘Elazer’ and ‘Bertels’ to attend DreamHack Montreal 2017

Following its debut at DreamHack Austin, and after two other DreamHack events at Jonkoping and Valencia, Mikolaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowksi and Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli of Team QLASH are ready to compete at DreamHack Montreal 2017.

‘Elazer’ will compete in the StarCraft II World Championship Series, while ‘Bertels’ will battle in the Hearthstone Grand Prix.

StarCraft II WCS Montreal

On 8-10 September, ‘Elazer’ will look to win some of the $100,000 prizepool at stake. However, ‘Elazer’ has already qualified for the WCS Global Finals following his victory at StarCraft II WCS Valencia.

“It’s good to be back in action in a live tournament”, he said about StarCraft II WCS Montreal. “I’m going to Montreal to win, no doubt about it. Yes, I’m already qualified for the Global Finals, but this won’t affect my style or my hunger. In fact, I’m hungrier than ever”.

The tournament will be divided in three group stages with a best of three format, followed by a single elimination bracket. The rounds of 16, 8, and 4 will be best of five, but the finals will be best of seven.

Hearthstone Grand Prix Montreal

Also on the 8-10 September, the Hearthstone Grand Prix will take place, with $25,000 to play for , where the best Hearthstone players from across the world will compete in a new and exciting metagame, after the last Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

“This will be an unpredictable tournament”, ‘Bertels’ explained. “Like every time there is the first big live tournament, it’s hard to predict which decks will be played. I assume that everyone will ban Druid, ‘because it’s the most powerful class right now”.

The Hearthstone Grand Prix will start with a Swiss tournament qualifying round, played with a ‘last hero standing format’ in a best of five. The best 16 players will then move onto a single elimination stage until a champion will be crowned.

About Team QLASH

Team QLASH is the leading e-sports organization in Italy. Founded in Treviso by Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov – both professional gamers and successful entrepreneurs – in 2017, the team has immediately become the reference point of the national competitive gaming industry.

Team QLASH’s goal is twofold: nationally, our mission is to help the growth of e-sports while competing against the strongest and most successful teams around the world.

Thanks to the Academy section – focused on League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and Rocket League – and the QLASH House in Treviso, Team QLASH is also forging the champions of tomorrow.

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