A Closer Look to Our 'HellsDevil' and 'Mercilles'

8 Sep 2017

‘HellsDevil’ and ‘Mercilles’: “We’re ready to fight!”

The QLASH Vainglory team is already in Los Angeles for the Vainglory 2017 Summer Unified Championship, where they are ready to fight with strongest teams in the world. But who are these guys? What they are thinking about? We asked a few questions to “HellsDevil” and “Mercilles” just before their flights to the US.


Christiaan is 17 years old has the ambition to become the best.

He’s been playing VainGlory for two years and has already qualified for two live events in 2017, so the future is bright!

He keeps his mind sharp by focusing on his studies in secondary education in Amersfoort and spends his free time going out with friends and playing football.


As a  17 year old, Marvin is passionate about VainGlory and is focused on growing individually as a player.

He has made great strides in the two years since he began playing and is a part of Team Pro with two live qualifications under his belt.

While doing all of this, he stays vigilant in his studies at school and lists “sleep” as an interest.

So you know he is a studying maniac!

Marvin’s goals: “I really want to stay involved in the competitive scene. The growth of esports fascinates me and I want to be part of that journey. Also I want to constantly improve my performance and have a good time.

Getting to know HellsDevil and Mercilles

So, tell us about your team. Are you all happy to be playing together?

H: I am very happy to play with my teammates and be a part of QLASH team

M: We’ve been playing for a few months together and devloped some synergy over time, even though we’re playing with our sub HFGuy, I still feel good going in to the event..

Have you all become friends already? Tell us a bit about the team atmosphere.

H: Well we didn’t meet each other yet but even though we didn’t meet i have a pretty good relation with Mercillles because we played together a lot

M:We’ve never met but talk casually about all sorts of things on Discord, I would say I’m the closest to HellsDevil. The atmosphere is good most of the time, even though some arguments happen every now and then.
How do you stay motivated to keep playing? Do you ever get bored of your game?

H: I don’t get bored of the game and I get motivated because I want to be the best.

M: Trying to improve constantly or setting an aim like this live event for myself has helped me a lot to stay motivated. I’ve been playing this game for a bit more than 2 years now and it’s still fun to play, which is important to keep going in my opinion. The best feeling is when you play a good game in a competitive setting, it’s a big thrill!

Tell us about your training, how many hours did you spend per day or per week?

H: We spent many hours to prepare for the event, but lately we were all very busy so we couldn’t play as much as the weeks before.

M: Quite honestly I’ve been very busy with school and always tried to manage my schedule. The times when we can play together as a team varies a lot, since we all have a life besides Vainglory and sometimes we can’t find times to play together. But usually if I have time I invest about 3-5h a day, more on weekends.

What do you think about your opponents in LA, any predictions on this event?

H: They are pretty strong but we have beaten them before so I am pretty confident in our skill.

M:  I think we’re even with Dynasty if we can perform as we normally do. Still, NA is the powerhouse and I’m excited to play against them and watch them play.

You’re a very young team. Any thoughts about the future of your team?

H: I really have no thoughts about the future because anything can happen, but I am gonna try my best to keep competing on the highest level in Vainglory.

M: No one knows what the future holds, all I know is that I’ll try to do my best to keep competing in the vainglory competitive scene.

We wish the guys best of luck in their upcoming match against Dynasty, today on the official Twitch Vainglory Channel.

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