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27 Sep 2017

Flobby on the new Vainglory8 Season: “We’re training so hard to be competitive”

After making an impression during the live finals in Los Angeles, Team QLASH are ready for the new Vainglory8 Autumn Season, which has started last weekend with the victory of Team SK Gaming in the Week 1- Split 1.

‘HellsDevil’, ‘Mercilles’, ‘AgOny’ and Team Captain ‘Flobby’ had a tough start after losing their match against the top seeded SK Gaming. But the new season has just begun, and Team QLASH have plenty of time to regroup and get back on track.

Speaking of ‘Flobby’ (aka Florian Meyer), we caught up with him during a break of an intense training session with his teammates.


So Florian, how do you feel after all these changes in your life and career, in the past few months?


“First of all, let me say ‘thank you’ to Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov for the chance to be a part of this awesome organization. It’s great to be part of Team QLASH, because here I know that I can grow as a player and as a person too.

The help the team gave us during the Los Angeles adventure was something incredible. We felt 100% supported and this is something not so obvious. Me and the team feel so grateful: this is a lifetime opportunity for us”.


The Vainglory Summer Unified Championship was an adventure, indeed.


“What an incredible trip! That was our first live finals: an exciting event for us all. We went to Los Angeles with a low profile, we wanted to live day-by-day. Of course we did our best to win, but we were also pretty nervous.

Now, after Los Angeles, we definitely want more. More matches, more tournaments, more competitions, more live finals. We want to become a top team, not just in Europe but in the whole world”.


What did you learn from that experience?


“Well, we learned that we have to practice harder to become a top team. But we also learned that team chemistry is so important. Our teammate ‘AgOny’ couldn’t attend the tournament with us and ‘HFGuy’ had to replace him.

They are both great players and so dedicated to the cause, but we had more synergy with ‘AgOny’. That’s not an excuse, it’s just a matter of fact.”


And now it’s time to think about the new Vainglory8 season


“It is! We didn’t start on the right foot, but SK Gaming are a phenomenal team – in fact, they beat us and every other opponent, to win Week 1. We are absolutely aware that we have to work harder than before, if we want to beat them.  We really want it. As I’ve already said, our goal is to become the top team in the world. Having the opportunity to play against these strong teams is the best way to achieve that goal”.

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