11 Sep 2017

DreamHack Montreal Day 3: ‘Snute’ stops ‘Elazer’, unlucky ‘Bertels’ misses Top 8


They fought like two lions, and they came so close to the prize.

Both Mikołaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski and Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli tried so hard to wave the banner of Team QLASH high in the sky of DreamHack Montreal 2017, but this wasn’t simply their day.

Let’s see what happened in their Day 3.

’Snute’ gets his revenge on ‘Elazer’

Mikolaj had the chance to reach WCS Montreal 2017 Grand Finals, after his huge victory in July in Spain, but he found a fierce ‘Snute’ on his way. The Norwegian play desperately wanted to get his revenge, after the last Grand Finals in Valencia.

After a loss in the first match (best of 5) in the ‘Abyssal Reef’ map, ‘Elazer’ was able to even the game by winning the ‘’Ascension to Aiur’ map. ‘Snute’ regained the advantage defeating his opponent’s army in the ‘Mech Depot’ map.

‘Odyssey’ was the map that let ‘Elazer’ bring the series to the final battle, where ‘Snute’ took an immediate advantage off a better start, surprising the Team QLASH player and eliminating him from the tournament.

“I’m not satisfied, of course”, ‘Elazer’ told us right after the game. “I think I could have done better, but ‘Snute’ is a really good player. I’d have wanted to bring Team QLASH colours to the finals”.

A close call for ‘Bertels’

Things didn’t go the right way for ‘Bertels’ either in the Hearthstone Grand Prix Side Event. He finished the first Day with a pretty good score, but after concluding the Swiss round with a 4-2, he ended up in 10th place.

“Too bad, too bad”, ‘Bertels’ moaned. “Fact is, I had the same score of two guys in Top 8 that I had actually beaten during the Swiss round. My rankings went down because one of the players that had bested me decided to quit. Never lucky!”

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