9 Sep 2017

DreamHack Montreal Day 1: ‘Elazer’ in Top 16, ‘Bertels’ struggles

It’s been a long Day 1 at DreamHack Montreal 2017 for Team QLASH. Both ‘Elazer’ and ‘Bertels’ didn’t start well, but while the first was able to get back on track, the latter couldn’t find the proper flow.

Let’s see what happened in the StarCraft II WCS and in the Hearthstone Grand Prix Main Event.

From rags to riches

The first day of tournament started with an unexpected free-pass to Round 32 for Mikołaj “Elazer” Ogonowski, but maybe all those hours spent waiting for his turn made him a little bit cold: “It was both good news and bad news”, he told us.

“Good news because I was fresh when I started to play, but bad news because I had to wait very long before my first match”, Elazer added.

In fact, Elazer lost those first match against “SortOf”, but then he took care of ‘MacSed’ and got his revenge on ‘SortOf’: the Polish player advanced to the Top 16, where he will have to battle against ‘MaSa’.

3-3 for Bertels

Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli had a pretty slow start too in the Hearthstone Grand Prix, losing two of his first three matches. ‘Bertels’ managed to win his round 4 and 5, but then failed to win round 6, ending his Day 1 with a 3-3 score.

“I’m not satisfied of course”, he said, “cause the lineup is pretty strong but my opponents just high-rolled. In particular, the two first matches I’ve lost I was supposed to win pretty easily. But this is Hearthstone and stuff like that happens all the time”.

Luca isn’t already eliminated, but he’ll have to win all the remaining three matches of the Swiss round – and this couldn’t be enough.

DreamHack Montreal 2017: Day 2 schedule

Both the WCS and Hearthstone Grand Prix will re-start at 11 am with a pre-show, followed by the first matches.

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