10 Sep 2017

DreamHack Montreal Day 2: ‘Elazer’ gets to the semifinals!

Day 2 of DreamHack Montreal 2017 is in the books and what a day has been for Mikołaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski: once again he reached the top 4 in a StarCraft II World Championship Series event, where he’ll have to face ‘Snute’ in a rematch of the last WCS Valencia. The other semifinals match will be ‘Neeb’ vs ‘TRUE’.

Bad news for Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli: his Hearthstone Grand Prix Main Event has ended before getting the chance to hit the Top 16. Luca decided to give the Side Event a try, where he has had a pretty good start.

The Elazer effect

After a slow start in Day 1, the Polish phenomenon had to face ‘MaSa’ in the Round 1. ‘Elazer’ showed his superiority throughout the entire series, annihilating his opponent with a 3-0 that brooked no argument.

Then was ‘Serral’s turn, in a ‘Zerg vs Zerg’ match that is always very difficult to read. But ‘Elazer’ did great, winning 3-1 after a series of spectacular plays. In particular, he won the last map by a fast and uber-aggressive approach that paid off.

“There were a couple of really strong players”, he confessed, “but ‘MaSa’ was the one that I feared the most”. Now that the Canadian ‘Terran’ player is out of the equation, ‘Elazer’ is in good shape to what would be a fantastic back-to-back in WSC.

No miracle for ‘Bertels’

Moving to the Hearthstone Grand Prix Main Event, our Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli had to win three matches in a row to hope to qualify in the top 16. But the Hearthstone gods didn’t favour him and the Italian player finished his tournament with a 4-5 score.

“I’m pretty disappointed”, he tells us, “because I can’t really say that I misplayed or that my lineup wasn’t strong or adequate to this tournament. It’s just that I lost few matches where I was a huge favourite, that’s it. This meta is pretty RNG-based, unfortunately”.

The Verona player had no time to think deeply about his Main Event, because the Side Event was next. After the first four of the six Swiss round scheduled, ‘Bertels’ is 3-1: his chances to hit the top 8 are intact.

DreamHack Montreal 2017: Day 3 schedule

Day 3 of DreamHack Montreal 2017 will restart at 11 am for the WCS preshow. The two semifinals (best of 5) will take place at 11.15 and at 12.55, while the Grand Finals (best of 7) are scheduled for approximately 2.45 pm.

The Hearthstone Grand Prix Main and Side Event hostilities will be resumed at 10 am, following the usual preshow.

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