8 Sep 2017

Breaking News: VainGlory Summer Unified Championship

Today is the big day. Our very own Christiaan “HellsDevil” Enwiah, Marvin “Mercilles” Walter, Florian “Flobby” Meyer and Konstantin “HFGuy” Rodionov have arrived in Los Angeles for the Vainglory 2017 Summer Live Championship, where the best 12 teams from Europe and America have gathered to determine the very best.

In our first match, live streamed on the official Vainglory Twitch Channel, we’ll be facing off against Dynasty, to determine which team moves on to face America’s leading team, Team Solo Mid.

The action, live from the iconic Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, begins today at 11AM PST, so make sure to tune in and support #QLASH!

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