League of Legends team was born with the aim to gather players with the same passion about the game; team started stealthily but in a very short time span, it becomes one of the best and well known italian leading forces.

Thanks to the great work of the staff, coach Calyn and coach Zein above all, the team grows and, beside suffereing many roster changes, achieves great results.

Lega Prima, an italian official GEC regulated championship, was the best testbed for the whole team that proves to put itself on higher levels.

Team, coaches and all of the QLASH family is on Discord, why don't you join us?



Eryk Kraszewski

Team top laner.
Starts his competitive carreer during Season 4, right after have been invited to some tryouts organized by a polish team.

Since then, Eryk, improves himself really heard and achieves many goals and reaches Top 8 in several polish tournaments.


Christian Devo

Born in Perugia in 1999.
Christian starts playing League of Legends during Season 3 while his debut in the competitive scene comes in the 2016/2017 season.

He's the youngest member of the team and everyone is confident he will grant so many satisfactions.


Simone Belingheri

Simone plays since Season 2 and approached the competitive world with Impact Gaming.
Soon became a very skilled player, he is able to stand out in different competitions.
His young age is a valuable spot, especially for the improvements he has made lately.


Giuseppe Bonomo

Class of 1997, born and raised in Palermo.
Giuseppe is one of the best Italian AD Carry; he attended several LAN tournaments with interesting results playing earlier for iDomina, Co-hop and Inferno.


Gracjan Przybylski

Plays League of Legends from the very early Seasons and has always had a goal, to play at high levels and have the same experience as his brother, ex LCS player, did.
He approached recently the competitive scene with different Polish teams, and QLASH Academy represents his first true high level experience.
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