The Hearthstone Team Academy is a young and dynamic team formed by Gabriele "Cucca" Cuccarini and Gabriele "Bubba" Pasini, both formerly Frost Circle members and later Impact Gaming members.

Friends before being teammates, they started to develop a passion for Hearthstone just before the release of Naxxramas and put commitment and dedication in choosing the goal to quickly scale the rankings and place among the best in a short time.
They partecipate in several important competitions bringing home a growing number of results and finding wider spaces to demonstrate their skills.

Cucca and Bubba - as well as members of the various Team PRO and Team Academy - can be found on our Discord server, to have a chat about new metas or to have some tips on the best strategy to adopt.



Gabriele Cuccarini

From Rome, 20 years old and a remarkable palmares - where Top Positions in the Hearth & Spades tournament stand really out.

He approaches Hearthstone thanks to his friends: he’s a monthly Legend aficionado, loves Control, Combo and Midrange decks, but don’t ask him to play Aggro: he hates it!


Gabriele Pasini

University student, from Rome, 21 years old and lover of the competition since forever.

He started his career in the world of card games with Yu-Gi-Oh!, and switched to Hearthstone since two years. The change to the Blizzard title also marks his entry into the competitive scene where he gets excellent results in national tournaments.
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