1 Sep 2017

Team QLASH is flying to Los Angeles to battle for the Vainglory Summer Unified Championship 2017

After qualifying for the live finals, Team QLASH are ready to travel to Los Angeles to take part in the Vainglory Summer Unified Championship 2017.

Team QLASH’s players ‘HellsDevil’, ‘Mercilles’, ‘HFGuy’ and ‘Flobby’ will compete against the best European and North American teams in Downtown Los Angeles at the iconic Globe Theatre between 8-10 September. Will Cloud9 be able to retain the title the team won at Vainglory Spring Championship last May?

12 Teams, Only One Winner

Besides Cloud9, Team QLASH will have strong competition from teams such as SK Gaming, Fnatic, Mousesports, Dinasty, G2 Esports, Team SoloMid, Nova Esports, Immortals, Hollywood Hammers, and Tempo Storm.

“We’re all excited about this tournament”, said ‘HellsDevil’. “The team has been working extremely hard to be prepared for the competition: our goal is to win one game at a time. And then who knows what we can achieve…”

“This will be our first live tournament as Team QLASH”, ‘Flobby’ explained. “We know that we’re facing some of the best teams and players in the world, and we have the utmost respect for them. But respect only, no fear”.

About Vainglory Summer Unified Championship 2017

The 2017 Summer Unified Championship features a three-day tournament format. On Day 1, European teams will take on other European teams, based on a seeding system, with the same happening on the North American side of the competition: with the top two teams of each group qualifying for Day 2.

On Day 2, American teams will exclusively battle European teams. On Day 3, the Summer Champion will be crowned following semi finals and a final which are sure to be very entertaining. The winner will get automatic entry to the 2017 Vainglory World Championship in December.

About Vainglory

Vainglory is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, developed by Super Evil Megacorp and available for iOS and Android. Every match is played between two teams of 3 players each, and the aim is to destroy the opposite Vain.

In Vainglory, players can choose from more than 30 heroes, each with their unique features, abilities and powers. Strategy, reflexes, and team coordination are all key to being successful in Vainglory.

About Team QLASH

Team QLASH is the leading e-sports organization in Italy. Founded in Treviso by Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov – both professional gamers and successful entrepreneurs – in 2017, the team has immediately become the reference point of the national competitive gaming industry.

Team QLASH’s goal is twofold: nationally, our mission is to help the growth of e-sports while competing against the strongest and most successful teams around the world.

Thanks to the Academy section – focused on League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and Rocket League – and the QLASH House in Treviso, Team QLASH is also forging the champions of tomorrow.

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